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Sunday 2 October 2011

Dragonfly Seeweed; a turqoise holo

This is my very first franken, but definitely not the last! I wanted to make a holo, kind of a dark turqoise or a teal one. So I started out with Nubar Reclaim as the holographic base, and then I countinued mixing it with a bunch of other polishes.

And here you see the result! I have namned it Seeweed. It's not really the colour I was hoping for, but I like it anyway. It will not be a regular on my nails, but maybe for a gloomy day when you need some sparkling colors to lighten up your mood.

Polishes used
The base is Nubar Reclaim, and then I added quite a lot of Depend 247 and H&M Aqua. Then I added small portions of Zoya Apple, IsaDOra SIlver Sparkles, Depend 39, IsaDora Sheer Amethyst and OPI Cuckoo for this color.

I ended up with a full bottle of this one. Maybe I will add some more black to it in the future, or just make another franken some day.

So, do you like it?


Cactus said...

Väldigt snygg!

Anonymous said...


Annie said...

Supertjusigt!! Och välkommen tillbaka! :D

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