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Monday 24 October 2011

A fall necklace with Zoya and friends

Today it is the most wonderful fall weather in Örnsköldsvik. And I'm sitting indoors looking out on the sunlight, the beautiful colors of fall and trying to imagine the crisp air.

In fact I havn't been outdoors in weeks. For almost four weeks I have been cursed with the most awul cold imaginable. It just starts over and over. And to make things worse I had a knee surgery the very week I started to get sick. So here I am, limping around at home, sneezing, coughing and snooring. The most ironic thing is that all this time it has been the most beautiful fall weather. And I can only watch from behind the window.

So to get some acquaintance with the warm colors of fall I use my nail polishes instead. Today I will show you a nail polish necklace I made the other week, made in fall colors.

Polishes used
I got a request to make a necklace in red, yellow and orange with the names Johanna, Joakim and Peter. So I chose China Glaze Swing Baby, Zoya Tanzy and Kimmy and Kleancolor Metallic Yellow. I took the liberty to add some gold in the piece to make the colors a bit smoother in apperance. When the marbling was done I added a dragonfly and the names in to the piece.

So, do you like it? I'm always so nervous when I am to show and deliver a new piece. It's actually really terrifiyng to make something by hand and then show it to people.

Jag känner mig halvt döende nu efter fyra veckor med den värsta förkylningen någonsin kombinerat med min knäoperation för tre veckor sedan. Ironiskt nog har det varit underbart höstväder mest hela tiden under min ynkliga sjukperiod. Och idag är det ännu en dag då jag får sitta inne och beundra vädret från vardagsrummet.

Nåja, då får man njuta av hästfärgerna i nagellacken istället. Här bjuder jag på ett nagellackssmycke i rött, orange och guld. Jag fick en beställning på ett namnsmycke häromveckan i dessa färger, så jag plockade fram China Glaze Swing Baby, Zoya Tanzy, Zoya Kimmy och Kleancolor Metallic Yellow.

Vad tycks?


Åsa said...

Krya på dig!!
Jättesnyggt halsband!

Cactus said...

Jättefina färger och marmorering! Hur får du in texten? Eller snarare, vad sitter texten på? Det är ju inte en bit skrivarpapper som du stoppar in i smycket direkt, men det är ju inte handskrivet, så texten måste ju sitta på nått? Jag tittar och försöker fatta men jag lyckas inte, känner mig dum :p

MK said...

I'm going backwards through your blog, having found it only yesterday but this is the second piece I've seen (the header piece being the first) and let me tell you, you have NOTHING to be nervous about. Nail polish jewelry has become a huge trend lately, I've seen most of it and you're at the top of the list for beautiful pieces. Artists tend to be more critical of their own work than the viewing audience- the audience loves what you do.

Unknown said...

Thank you MK!! You really made my day with your comment. It made me sooo happy...

I'm planning to host some giveaways of my jewelry soon, so stay tuned... :-)

Sharon said...

Your jewelry is gorgeous!! I was wondering how do you do the wording on top of the polish?

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