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Sunday 30 October 2011

Bourjois Blue Asphalte and a french garden

Sloppy edges, I appologize...

This is a nail polish I picked up this summer on our trip to France. The creme greyish blue Bourjois Blue Asphalte.

Beforehand going to France I had planned to shop for new and exiting labels that you doesn't find here in Sweden. Hey, what a disappointment!! I really had trouble finding even one label that I didn't already know. Everywhere I went there were Chanel, Dior, Maybelline, Loreal... But I found some Bourjois polishes. Bourjois was new to me. :-)

Blue Asphalte is a creme, a bit dusty blue, with a sort of vinyl finish. Think old vinyl records, but blue instead, and you get it. It's a work safe office polish I would say. A bit boring, nothing to make me jump of joy. How do you feel?

The pictures are shot in my mother-in-law's garden. This is the cactus departement. My mother-in-law, C, has the most amazing garden. I give you a glimps of it here. I love flowers myself, but I have the most un-green fingers imaginable. Rather black I would say...

Are you up for some Bourjois polishes you find them at Asos.


Helga said...

Snyggt! Tycker det är så praktiskt med lack som har kork i samma färg. Tycker jag Depend kan börja med! :)

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