Jag är en norrländsk lackionista som älskar vackra naglar och livar upp tillvaron med sprakande färger. Vardagen tillbringar jag som utvecklingsingenjör för biobränslen.
Kul att du hittat hit!
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Thursday 31 May 2012

Med hakan vid golvet

-"Är det där det nya Sephora-lacket?” frågade maken imorse när jag lagt en snabb morgonmanikyr. Herrejisses vad snopen och imponerad jag blev. Med hakan nere i golvtrakten undrade jag stilla hur jag lyckats hitta en sådan guldklimp…

För övrigt: Sista dagen på giveawayen. Missa inte!!

It’s the last day of the giveaway. Don’t miss the chance to win some amazing Nubar nail polishes!!
Wednesday 16 May 2012

The giveaway halftime

Don’t miss the chance to win some amazing nail polishes from Nubar. The May giveaway is still open for registration. The second half of may is sill ahead of us…

Follow the link above to participate.

Good luck!!
Friday 11 May 2012

The Nubar Jellybeans collection

When I got the Nubar Blue Raspberry polish in the mail for a review I almost laughed out loud. Bright pastells have never ever been my cup of tea. So I thought that the review wasn't going to bee nice reading for anyone.

But hey, I coudn't have been more wrong. In fact I was so hooked on the collection after just one try so I had to go buy the complete collection right away.

And here are some teaser pictures on the whole bunch. This is the Nubar Jellybeans collection and as you can see on the pictures I had a lot of fun shooting these. I lined them up in the garden, crept around in the grass, presumably looking quite ridiculous. So it's now official to my neighbours, I must be a liiitle crazy.

Isn't these nail polishes just pure happiness in a bottle?

Where to buy Nubar nail polish?
I bought these on Ebay from a seller called misssaigon98, the complete collection for $58 (SEK 400), which is $7,25 (SEK 50) per bottle. That was with the shipping included. If you want to buy them in Sweden you find them on swedish Nailshop at the price of SEK 135.

P.S Don't forget to participate in the May Giveaway!
Monday 7 May 2012

For ever in green

A nail polish necklace in green with dragonflies/dragonfly, a piece of nail polish jewellery/jewelry

Recently I got a request to make a necklace. And this was a bit out of the ordinary.

I got a call from a man who wanted me to make a necklace for his wife's birthday. She was particularly fond of dragonflies so he wanted me to make something with a pair of dragonflies, in some kind of green colours. I got to choose the colours myself, as long as there was green tones in it.

And then he wanted me to write "For evva" in the necklace. That was their own spelling of "for ever".

Isn't this story just sooooo cute?!? What a thoughtful and loving husband.

Nail polish jewellery/jewelry made with the nail polishes Zoya Apple, Misa Like It like that, IsaDora silver sparkles and Models Own Golden green Beetle juice

So this is what I ended up with. A necklace in green, made out of four different nail polishes, IsaDora Silver Sparkles, Zoya Apple, Misa Like It Like That and Models Own Golden Green Beetle Juice.

I hope you like it!

P.S Don't forget to participate in the May Giveaway!

Wednesday 2 May 2012

The May Give Away!!!!

Yay!!! It's finally time to launch my very first give away. I'm sooooo excited!!!!!!

In this give away you have the chance to win the Nubar Jeans collection, a trio of beautiful blue shades ready to match your jeans, or whatever you choose to wear. Blue is never wrong, that's at least in my opinion.

The Nubar Jeans collection consist of the two darker créme polishes Boyfriend Jeans and Dark Wash Jeans, and last but not least the light blue Faded Jeans with a tiny bit of shimmer.

The polishes are kindly provided by Helen at swedish Nailshop.

The giveaway will be open until the 31st of May, and then I will draw a winner. The winner will have three days to respond. Of course it is open for anyone anywhere. And if you wonder about the name, I thought this was so exciting so I'm planning on more give aways to come. :-)

Good luck!!

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