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Wednesday 16 November 2011

The Models Own Beetlejuice collection!

Emerald Black, Purple Blue, Pinky Brown, Aqua Violet, Golden Green & 3in1.

I gave you a little glimps of my new darlings in the previous post, and now it is time for some more pictures.

These are the five polishes from the Models Own Beetlejuice collection. Five duochromatic nail polishes that just knocked me off my feet when I first saw the promo pictures. So I couldn't keep myself from ordering them instantly when released. I got to hold tight in my wallet from now on. Is has been a little too mych shopping for polishes lately....

Anyway, I ordered these from the Models Own webpage. I chose the package where you get all five of them plus a 3-in-1 base/top/gloss polish for £20. Right now you get a free black kohl pencil as well.

I haven't had time to test them yet, this week has been sooo busy.  It takes a lot of effort to turn 30. :-)

I think my favourites are the blueish Aqua Violet and the dark Emerald Black. Which one is yours?

Friday 11 November 2011

A little teaser...

Just a little teaser. These are my new arrivals...

Thursday 10 November 2011

Spreadin' some love...

Yesterday I turned 30!! Yay!! I had a marvelous birthday with some friends and family. And the celebration will continue this weekend. Can't wait for it to start!! :-)

At the end of the day I got a message from MK at Polish and Pigments that she had given me a Liebster Blog Award. What a great way to end my day. It always warms my heart when I get positive feedback on my blog. I fell asleep with a smile on my face...

So today I want to spread some love, to MK and to all you other readers, and you get it in form of a nail polish necklace. This is a piece I made a couple of weeks ago with IsaDora Silver Sparkles and some Zoya polishes from the Sunshine collection from this year. The word Kärlek is swedish for love...

This is yet another piece that will collect dust in my drawer, but I don't care, i love making them.

Take care!!

Saturday 5 November 2011

A quickie with Nfu Oh 58 vs Nubar 2010

Just a short post today and this is a comparison between Nubar 2010 and Nfu Oh #58.

When my Nfu Ohs arrived the other day I had a manicure with the brown Misa When You Say my Name ( from last year's fall collection What I Like About You). The Misa polish was coated with Nubar 2010. And when I unpacked my Nfu Oh opals it struck me that #58 was almost identical to Nubar 2010 on my nails. So I had to take a picture.

The manicure was a couple of days old so the polish had chipped a bit. But I wanted you to see anyway...

So this is Nubar 2010 over a brown polish on my nails and the bottle is Nfu Oh #58.  You really can't tell that it's not the same polish on the nails as in the bottle right?

Thursday 3 November 2011

Some black n white Nfu Oh swatches

I got my precious Nfu Ohs the other day as I told you in the previous post. And I wanted a quick way to get a glipms of the different polishes, both on a black and white background. So, I painted my nails half black, half white and layered the Nfu Ohs on top.

This is a really horrible manicure, but it's a great and fast way to get to know your new darlings.

Something that surprised me was that they are so differently pigmented. As you see on the pictures some are full of color even on a white background, and some of them are almost in a clear base. The size of the glitters and flakes are also different. The next thing that struck me is that # 50 and #54 are almost identical, eventhough they look a lot different from eachother when looking on the bottles. It's just a slight divergence in the base color.

My opinions

# 58: A bit of a disappointment. This is almost a dupe of Nubar 2010 when layered on a dark base.

#55: Actually a surprise. The one that was the least interesting in the bottle, but really awesome over black. Green glitter and orange flakies, what a hit on Halloween.

#54: Really gorgeous, duochrome flakes in green and blue in a clear base. Love it!

#53: I'm in love!! Amazing blue glitter, pink flakes in a slight blue base. Soooo beautiful!!

#51: A really pigmented purple base, whith duochrome flakes in orange and green? I think this one needs to be layered over a purple to be all that it can be.

#50: Really beautiful, but almost identical to #54, except for the pale purple base. But I really don't think it's worth to have them  both in the collection.

#45: Really breathtaking. This one on top of a red will not be for the shy one.

#83: The only one from the Glitter series. Microscopic pink, blue, and purple glitter in a sheer pale pink base. Gorgeous, but I thought it would be a bit more pigmented. This one will need to be used as a layering polish.

Which one is your favourite?

Monday 31 October 2011

My Nfu Oh opals

I got a package of Nfu Ohs the other day. Yay!! These were thought to be a gift to myself for my birthday in november. But the delivery were just so amazingly fast, so I coudn't keep hold of myself. So I opened it right away. No patience here...

These are my first Nfu Ohs and I just love them. Why doesn't the other nail polish manufacturers make more of the bottles? The Nfu Oh bottles are like small pieces of artwork. Even if the content wasn't worth much I would still buy these just  for the sublime design. 

So here are some pics of my new gems. Seven bottles from the Opal series and one from the Glitter series. I ordered these from the estonian nail shop Viis. Great service, and really fast delivery, I got them in two days I think.

Nfu Oh # 55, 53, 58 and 54. Gorgeous right?!

 Nfu Oh #50, 83, 51 and 45. Eyecandy...

Swatches are coming soon...

Sunday 30 October 2011

Bourjois Blue Asphalte and a french garden

Sloppy edges, I appologize...

This is a nail polish I picked up this summer on our trip to France. The creme greyish blue Bourjois Blue Asphalte.

Beforehand going to France I had planned to shop for new and exiting labels that you doesn't find here in Sweden. Hey, what a disappointment!! I really had trouble finding even one label that I didn't already know. Everywhere I went there were Chanel, Dior, Maybelline, Loreal... But I found some Bourjois polishes. Bourjois was new to me. :-)

Blue Asphalte is a creme, a bit dusty blue, with a sort of vinyl finish. Think old vinyl records, but blue instead, and you get it. It's a work safe office polish I would say. A bit boring, nothing to make me jump of joy. How do you feel?

The pictures are shot in my mother-in-law's garden. This is the cactus departement. My mother-in-law, C, has the most amazing garden. I give you a glimps of it here. I love flowers myself, but I have the most un-green fingers imaginable. Rather black I would say...

Are you up for some Bourjois polishes you find them at Asos.

Saturday 29 October 2011

Guess the number...

Gorgeous polish, beautiful bottle!! Nfu Oh really makes amazing bottles to accompany their polishes. Don't you think?!

This is one of my new darlings arriving yesterday. Does anyone recognise this gem?

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Purple Rain, Oh Purple Rain...

The nail polish Kicks Purple Rain, a purple shimmer nail polish

A couple of weeks ago I recieved six nail polishes from the swedish brand Kicks for a review. And here you have the first one out of the bunch.

This is Kicks Purple Rain, a vibrant purple shimmer polish wih a hint of blue in. It will not make my heart rase, but I quite like it, it is rather beautiful, although not at all uniqe in any way.

The nail polish Kicks Purple Rain, a purple shimmer nail polish

About Kicks Nail Polishes
Kicks is a swedish makeup store brand turning 20 years this fall. To celebrate this Kicks is launching their own make up line, starting out with nail polish. THANK YOU FOR THAT!! is my reply on that decision.

The great news is that the formula of the Kicks nail polishes are really good, too a low price. 39 SEK for 8 ml, that's about $6 (which is really cheap for a nail polish in Sweden.) We have seen examples of low price/low quality polishes before, as the MNY polishes to name just one.

Add the fact that it's produced in Sweden and free of toluene and formaldehyde. Thumbs up on that!

Kicks nail polishes are for sail in all the Kicks stores and on their website.

The nail polish Kicks Purple Rain, a purple shimmer nail polish

Här bjuder jag på det första lacket av sex som jag fick från Kicks tidigare i höst för en recension. Eftersom bloggen har varit lite vilande i höst ligger jag ju lite efter, men bättre sent än aldrig.

Kicks firar ju 20 år i höst och för att uppmärksamma detta roliga faktum så startar de nu sitt eget kosmetikamärke och först ut är nagellackskollektionen. Tjoho!!

Det här är Kicks Purple Rain, ett snyggt lila skimmerlack. Ingen unik nyans i sig, men ett vacker strålande lila med härligt djup i färgen. Detta är ett av 40 olika lack som Kicks släppte för ett par veckor sedan.

De kostar bara 39 kr för 8 ml, ett riktigt bra pris för ett lack med bra egenskaper på formulan. Två lager, lätt att lacka med och bra följsam borste. Lägg till att det är sverigeproducerat och fritt från de gräsliga kemikalierna toluen och formaldehyd så ger jag en stor guldstjärna i kanten.

Kicks lack hittar ni i deras butiker eller på deras webshop.

Monday 24 October 2011

A fall necklace with Zoya and friends

Today it is the most wonderful fall weather in Örnsköldsvik. And I'm sitting indoors looking out on the sunlight, the beautiful colors of fall and trying to imagine the crisp air.

In fact I havn't been outdoors in weeks. For almost four weeks I have been cursed with the most awul cold imaginable. It just starts over and over. And to make things worse I had a knee surgery the very week I started to get sick. So here I am, limping around at home, sneezing, coughing and snooring. The most ironic thing is that all this time it has been the most beautiful fall weather. And I can only watch from behind the window.

So to get some acquaintance with the warm colors of fall I use my nail polishes instead. Today I will show you a nail polish necklace I made the other week, made in fall colors.

Polishes used
I got a request to make a necklace in red, yellow and orange with the names Johanna, Joakim and Peter. So I chose China Glaze Swing Baby, Zoya Tanzy and Kimmy and Kleancolor Metallic Yellow. I took the liberty to add some gold in the piece to make the colors a bit smoother in apperance. When the marbling was done I added a dragonfly and the names in to the piece.

So, do you like it? I'm always so nervous when I am to show and deliver a new piece. It's actually really terrifiyng to make something by hand and then show it to people.

Jag känner mig halvt döende nu efter fyra veckor med den värsta förkylningen någonsin kombinerat med min knäoperation för tre veckor sedan. Ironiskt nog har det varit underbart höstväder mest hela tiden under min ynkliga sjukperiod. Och idag är det ännu en dag då jag får sitta inne och beundra vädret från vardagsrummet.

Nåja, då får man njuta av hästfärgerna i nagellacken istället. Här bjuder jag på ett nagellackssmycke i rött, orange och guld. Jag fick en beställning på ett namnsmycke häromveckan i dessa färger, så jag plockade fram China Glaze Swing Baby, Zoya Tanzy, Zoya Kimmy och Kleancolor Metallic Yellow.

Vad tycks?

Sunday 23 October 2011

The quatrochromatic Models Own Beetlejuice collection

The duochromatic nail polish collection Models Own Beetlejuice. Golden Green, Pinky Brown, Purple Blue, Aqua Violet and Emerald Black

I can't keep myself from posting these beauties. Models Own are launching a line of duochromatic nail polishes soon. Very soon in fact.

From the beginning of november the Beetlejuice collection (yepp, that's the name of the line) are for sale on their own website. According to Models Own each shade consist of four different colors. Maybe we should call them quatrochromatics instead?!

The Beetlejuice collection consist of these five nail polishes:

Golden Green - a fresh energetic acid
Pinky Brown - a warm rusty pink
Purple Blue - a vibrant punch of fuchsia indigo
Aqua Violet - a true sky shimmer
Emerald Black - a bold-blackened midnight peacock

My favourite are Golden Green, or maybe Aqua Violet... or Purple Blue, or...

Gaah, I think I got to have them all!

Which one of them are you going for?

Friday 21 October 2011

Do I feel Foxy today?

The nail polish China Glaze Foxy from the Vintage Vixen collection 2010, a red/brown/orange nail polish with a beautiful shimmer

Naahh, not at all. Still limping around here with my bad knee, combined with the worst cold ever. I'm really so tired of this!!

But to shape things up I picked this beauty out of my Helmer, the gorgeous China Glaze Foxy from last years fall collection Vintage Vixen. This nail polish has been collecting dust a little too long. It was really love at first sight when I saw this foxy lady at Nailtastic last year, but when I didn't try it directly last fall I wanted to wait until this year's fall. I think this shade would look a bit odd in the middle of spring...

The nail polish China Glaze Foxy from the Vintage Vixen collection 2010, a red/brown/orange nail polish with a beautiful shimmer

Flooding polish
This is just a perfect color for fall, a fantastic red with hints of orange and brown, really foxlike, so the name is very suitable for this one. As always when it comes to China Glaze I'm not overwhelmed about the formula though. I think it is a bit too liquid for my taste. Although removing the excess polish against the neck of the bootle it is still flooding over my nails after one stroke. I hate when this happens!! Thank god for remover pens!

Tuesday 18 October 2011

An ugly tribute-to-love-watermarble

Haha, what a dissaster!! But I'll show you anyway.

This week is the week of the rainbow in my town. It is a week dedicated to shed light on HBT-issues, to grow acceptance amongst people on homo-, bi- and transsexuality. It is an important week!

A couple of years ago my town was elected as the most homofobic town in Sweden. Not a prize to be proud of.  As a counteract the Rainbow Week was initiated, a yearly event to celebrate love in all its forms.

About the manicure
As a tribute I planned to make a rainbow colored watermarble. My palette consisted of a range of Kleancolor Metallic nail polishes; Metallic Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, and Purple. But it didn't really turn out the way I wanted to. Gahh, watermarbling and I aren't the best friends unfortunately.

But I still want to show you this manicure, as a tribute to love. Pure, simple and beautiful, in every way. Let's celebrate love, in whatever shape it wants to show itself!

Friday 14 October 2011

Orly Galaxy Girl for a month

The nail polish Orly Galaxy Girl from the Cosmic FX collection 2010, a purple sparkling nail polish

This is Orly Galaxy Girl from the Cosmic FX collection from last year. Maybe THE collection of 2010, a huge hype.

At the moment One Inch Nails is hosting a giveaway and the prize is three Picture Polish polishes. Awesome! I lack Picture Polish in my collection so I would love to win these beauties.

The rules for the giveaway is to write a post about which nail polish you would choose if you were to carry just one, (thats right, only one!!), polish for a month.

The nail polish Orly Galaxy Girl from the Cosmic FX collection 2010, a purple sparkling nail polish

My criteria
My polish of choise needs to meet several criteria if we are supposed to still be friends after one month of close relationship. Here they are:

1. It needs to be dark, that's a must.
2. It needs to fit every occasion, both in everyday-life and happenings out of the ordinary.
3. It should be sophisticated, but not boring.
4. To stand each other for that long time it has to have some special qualities, it needs to surprise me from time to time.
5.It has too meet every aspect of my mood swings, (actually I'm like a roller coaster from time to time in that matter...).

So after some thinking I realised these criteria are met by the gorgeous and mysterious Orly Galaxy Girl, with it's spooky glow when struck by sunlight.  It is a nail polish that never stops to amaze me.

(The criteria also fit my beloved husband F, but that's another story...)

Which polish would you choose?

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Kleancolor Metallic Fuschia

Kleancolor Mteallic Fuschia, a beautiful magenta/fuschia colored nail polish

Today's nail polish is Kleancolor Metallic Fuschia and this is a real showstopper. I just can't take my eyes of my nails right now. This is one of the polishes from the Kleancolor Metallic collection and Metallic Fuschia is not for the shy one.

The color is a shiny magenta that really hits you in the face. I like it, but I think it's even more beautiful in the bottle than on your nails, so I must say I'm a bit disappointed. The microscopic silver particles that you spot in the bottle doesn't show at all once on the nail. The apperance is instead an even but radiant color, almost like a neon.

Metallic Fuschia is easy to apply and you only need one coat. I just looove one-coaters!!

Kleancolor Mteallic Fuschia, a beautiful magenta/fuschia colored nail polish, picture of the bottle

Kleancolor Mteallic Fuschia, a beautiful magenta/fuschia colored nail polish
  Not a very sharp picture at all, but i love the colors...

The only drawback is that Kleancolor adds camphor in their polishes, which is a toxic chemical in larger quantities. I just can't understand why some manufacturers still add poisonous compounds in their products. I mean, this is the 21st century! Let's make environmental and customer friendly products instead!!

About Fuschia
Did you know that Fuschia actually is a beautiful flower, which has given name to the color fuschia, or magenta as it is also called. The fuschia plant is itself named after the German scientist Leonhart Fuchs, a famous botanist living in the 16th century.

The fuschia plant, a beautiful magenta/fuschia colored flower

Sunday 9 October 2011

A Kleancolor Metallic necklace

A necklace and piece of jewellery made from nail polish, Kleancolor metallic Black, Metallic Purple, Metallic Aqua, Metallic Sapphire, Metallic White

This is a necklace I made the other week by using some Kleancolor Metallic nail polishes. And as you can see this is the piece that is crowning the header of my blog.

Since I love black I made it with a base of Kleancolor Metallic Black and then added small portions of Metallic Purple, Sapphire, Aqua and White for the marbling. Once the marbling of the polishes were done I added a couple of silver dragonflies.

the Kleancolor metallic nail polishes used for making a ring and a necklace, pieces of jewellery made from Kleancolor metallic Black, Metallic Purple, Metallic Aqua, Metallic Sapphire, Metallic White

A ring and piece of jewellery made from nail polish, Kleancolor metallic Black, Metallic Purple, Metallic Aqua, Metallic Sapphire, Metallic White

To match the necklace I made a ring in the same colors. I'm more satisfied with the necklace than the ring, I think it would look better on a rectangluar setting instead.

Do you like it? Isn't it amazing that you can use nail polish to make beautiful pieces of jewellery?

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