Jag är en norrländsk lackionista som älskar vackra naglar och livar upp tillvaron med sprakande färger. Vardagen tillbringar jag som utvecklingsingenjör för biobränslen.
Kul att du hittat hit!
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Thursday 31 May 2012

Med hakan vid golvet

-"Är det där det nya Sephora-lacket?” frågade maken imorse när jag lagt en snabb morgonmanikyr. Herrejisses vad snopen och imponerad jag blev. Med hakan nere i golvtrakten undrade jag stilla hur jag lyckats hitta en sådan guldklimp…

För övrigt: Sista dagen på giveawayen. Missa inte!!

It’s the last day of the giveaway. Don’t miss the chance to win some amazing Nubar nail polishes!!
Wednesday 16 May 2012

The giveaway halftime

Don’t miss the chance to win some amazing nail polishes from Nubar. The May giveaway is still open for registration. The second half of may is sill ahead of us…

Follow the link above to participate.

Good luck!!
Friday 11 May 2012

The Nubar Jellybeans collection

When I got the Nubar Blue Raspberry polish in the mail for a review I almost laughed out loud. Bright pastells have never ever been my cup of tea. So I thought that the review wasn't going to bee nice reading for anyone.

But hey, I coudn't have been more wrong. In fact I was so hooked on the collection after just one try so I had to go buy the complete collection right away.

And here are some teaser pictures on the whole bunch. This is the Nubar Jellybeans collection and as you can see on the pictures I had a lot of fun shooting these. I lined them up in the garden, crept around in the grass, presumably looking quite ridiculous. So it's now official to my neighbours, I must be a liiitle crazy.

Isn't these nail polishes just pure happiness in a bottle?

Where to buy Nubar nail polish?
I bought these on Ebay from a seller called misssaigon98, the complete collection for $58 (SEK 400), which is $7,25 (SEK 50) per bottle. That was with the shipping included. If you want to buy them in Sweden you find them on swedish Nailshop at the price of SEK 135.

P.S Don't forget to participate in the May Giveaway!
Monday 7 May 2012

For ever in green

A nail polish necklace in green with dragonflies/dragonfly, a piece of nail polish jewellery/jewelry

Recently I got a request to make a necklace. And this was a bit out of the ordinary.

I got a call from a man who wanted me to make a necklace for his wife's birthday. She was particularly fond of dragonflies so he wanted me to make something with a pair of dragonflies, in some kind of green colours. I got to choose the colours myself, as long as there was green tones in it.

And then he wanted me to write "For evva" in the necklace. That was their own spelling of "for ever".

Isn't this story just sooooo cute?!? What a thoughtful and loving husband.

Nail polish jewellery/jewelry made with the nail polishes Zoya Apple, Misa Like It like that, IsaDora silver sparkles and Models Own Golden green Beetle juice

So this is what I ended up with. A necklace in green, made out of four different nail polishes, IsaDora Silver Sparkles, Zoya Apple, Misa Like It Like That and Models Own Golden Green Beetle Juice.

I hope you like it!

P.S Don't forget to participate in the May Giveaway!

Wednesday 2 May 2012

The May Give Away!!!!

Yay!!! It's finally time to launch my very first give away. I'm sooooo excited!!!!!!

In this give away you have the chance to win the Nubar Jeans collection, a trio of beautiful blue shades ready to match your jeans, or whatever you choose to wear. Blue is never wrong, that's at least in my opinion.

The Nubar Jeans collection consist of the two darker créme polishes Boyfriend Jeans and Dark Wash Jeans, and last but not least the light blue Faded Jeans with a tiny bit of shimmer.

The polishes are kindly provided by Helen at swedish Nailshop.

The giveaway will be open until the 31st of May, and then I will draw a winner. The winner will have three days to respond. Of course it is open for anyone anywhere. And if you wonder about the name, I thought this was so exciting so I'm planning on more give aways to come. :-)

Good luck!!

Thursday 26 April 2012

And so the backpacker returns...

The blogg whent silent for a while, and this is where I’ve been at…

 I'm bathing my feet ay Mykonos.

I have just returned from a couple of weeks of backpacking in the greek islands. Two weeks and 8 hotells later I have landed at home again, a little more tanned than before and full of memories of amazing food, gentle people and breathtaking views.

We have  toured Santorini, Paros, Mykonos and Athens before the return and the trip has been truly awesome, fantastic and overwhelming.

Me, and a theater at the Acropolis in Athens.

I was a bit sad to go home, but once here I discovered that several packages of new polishes waited for my arrival. So the giveaway is soon to bee launched, as is lots and lots of new swatches.

The grej of the day: Today starts my other course in french. I have been waiting five years for one to start, and now I’m accidently attending two at the same time. Hmm, time is a precious thing right now...
Monday 2 April 2012

Am I sick or something?!?

Kleancolor Metallic Pink, a beautiful pink/cerise/magenta colored nail polish

I suddenly felt an urge for something pink. Something extraordinary pink! It almost worries me, I must be sick or something. *touches my forehead*

This is Kleancolor Metallic Pink, and that's also what it is. It is so pink that it almost scorches my eyes, with a metallic tint in form of small silver particles. I felt for pink, and I got it. Now I'm sitting here in the sofa with a silly smile on my face. 

Kleancolor Metallic Pink, a dark pink metallic nail polish from Kleancolor

Kleancolor Metallic Pink, a gorgeous pink metallic shimmer nail polish with small silver particles

Kleancolor Metallic Pink, a pink/magenta/fuschia metallic nail polisch/lacquer from Kleancolor

Kleancolor Metallic Pink, a pink/magenta/fuschia metallic nail polisch/lacquer from Kleancolor

The grej of the day: I have started taking French lessons today. Finally, I have only been waiting five years for a course to start.  Oh, I'm sooo excited. 

Wednesday 28 March 2012

I'm so excited....

Whiiiii, I just got the news that some polishes intended for my first ever give-away are on their way. This is going to be sooo much fun, I can't wait for them to arrive.

The mystery box will be revealed soon. So stay tuned...

The Grej of the Day: My first give-away, need I say more...
Monday 26 March 2012

Nubar Jellybeans: Blue Raspberry

The other day I got a little teaser from the Nubar Jellybeans collection, kindly provided from Swedish Nailshop. Really clever of them I must say, since I now desperately feel the need of the rest of the collection. 

This a jellybased creme, with a dazzling color that is truly eye candy. When I first laid eyes on the bottle I thought "Hey, we're not going to be best friends...." but I was sooooo wrong. My heart jumpes a little every time I glanze at my nails. Pure happiness in a bottle!!

 Oh, look, it matches my clothes... :-)

Can't wait for the rest of it's Jellybeans friends to move into my mail box...

The Grej of the Day: F and I spent 14 hrs in the car this weekend, just to spend a couple of hours with our amazing friends at saturday evening. They all live in Stockholm, we don't. Thank heaven for friendship, a comfortable car and gas stations with coffee. 

Wednesday 21 March 2012

A gilded dawn

The other day I visited my blogging friend Mona's site and I got sooooo inspired. Recently we swapped a couple of beauties and now she showed a gorgeous manicure with a purple base, topped with China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses. Since I got Ch G Skyscraper in the swap I thought I'd try a similar mani, with Scycraper topped over the golden Zoya Jules.

At first I made a funky french, but it looked ridiculously ugly, so instead I made a gradient by using a sponge. Not as awesome as Mona's mani, but I love it anyway. Up close on these pictures it looks a bit sloppy, but on a bit further distance it looks much smoother.

I can also tell you that the turbulence at work has finally settled, and the great news is that I get too keep my job. So I'm feeling great actually. The joy of nail polish and colors is returning, and with them also the urge for blogging.

So, life is great actually, the sun is returning, light is spreading and my precious little Alfons has now learnt to walk. He says hello to you all: :-)

My little A, really cool in Mama's sunglasses.

Take care you all!!

Monday 13 February 2012

The reason for my absence....

IsaDora Silver Sparkles, Kleancolor Metallic Fuschia & Kleancolor Metallic Aqua

As those of you who have been following my blog have seen I don't spend a lot of time here anymore. I thought it was time to give you all an explanation.

In the beginning of december my life turned upside down. I got a call from my boss, saying that the factory I'm spending my working hours at are closing down. Totally!! :-(

So my lazy days on parental leave suddenly shifted into an hectic and turbulent time, filled with worried colleagues, meetings with the union and negotiations. That's what we do in Sweden when it's any changes at work, we negotiate, the union and the company leaders. We negotiate a lot. Really a lot.

If you add to that a one-year-old with a constant cold, and the hectic weeks of christmas you don't get much time left. So, no time left for blogging.

Weeks passed, months passed, and suddenly I realized, I didn't miss it at all. I look at the huge amount of nail polish blogs out there and I feel that I don't have the effort to keep on with mine. I can't keep up. I can't keep up with the flow. I can't keep up with all the new polishes that are launched, with all the extremely perfectly taken photos on perfect cuticles. My cuticles are sad and dry now, I havn't had any interest in them these days.

IsaDora Silver Sparkles, Zoya Apple & Depend no XXX

My joy is in my jewellery right now. So, today I give you the pictures of my latest creations. I don't know if I'll come back, probably not. But you can be sure that I'm still spending my evenings making necklaces and painting my nails from time to time...

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