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Friday 14 October 2011

Orly Galaxy Girl for a month

The nail polish Orly Galaxy Girl from the Cosmic FX collection 2010, a purple sparkling nail polish

This is Orly Galaxy Girl from the Cosmic FX collection from last year. Maybe THE collection of 2010, a huge hype.

At the moment One Inch Nails is hosting a giveaway and the prize is three Picture Polish polishes. Awesome! I lack Picture Polish in my collection so I would love to win these beauties.

The rules for the giveaway is to write a post about which nail polish you would choose if you were to carry just one, (thats right, only one!!), polish for a month.

The nail polish Orly Galaxy Girl from the Cosmic FX collection 2010, a purple sparkling nail polish

My criteria
My polish of choise needs to meet several criteria if we are supposed to still be friends after one month of close relationship. Here they are:

1. It needs to be dark, that's a must.
2. It needs to fit every occasion, both in everyday-life and happenings out of the ordinary.
3. It should be sophisticated, but not boring.
4. To stand each other for that long time it has to have some special qualities, it needs to surprise me from time to time.
5.It has too meet every aspect of my mood swings, (actually I'm like a roller coaster from time to time in that matter...).

So after some thinking I realised these criteria are met by the gorgeous and mysterious Orly Galaxy Girl, with it's spooky glow when struck by sunlight.  It is a nail polish that never stops to amaze me.

(The criteria also fit my beloved husband F, but that's another story...)

Which polish would you choose?


Chaosophia said...

Åh, jag har fortfarande inte lyckats skaffa det där lacket! Har varit på önskelistan lite väl länge nu. Det är fint!

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