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Saturday 5 November 2011

A quickie with Nfu Oh 58 vs Nubar 2010

Just a short post today and this is a comparison between Nubar 2010 and Nfu Oh #58.

When my Nfu Ohs arrived the other day I had a manicure with the brown Misa When You Say my Name ( from last year's fall collection What I Like About You). The Misa polish was coated with Nubar 2010. And when I unpacked my Nfu Oh opals it struck me that #58 was almost identical to Nubar 2010 on my nails. So I had to take a picture.

The manicure was a couple of days old so the polish had chipped a bit. But I wanted you to see anyway...

So this is Nubar 2010 over a brown polish on my nails and the bottle is Nfu Oh #58.  You really can't tell that it's not the same polish on the nails as in the bottle right?


MK said...

I've given you the Liebster Blog Award on my blog. See details at link below.

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