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Monday, 7 May 2012

For ever in green

A nail polish necklace in green with dragonflies/dragonfly, a piece of nail polish jewellery/jewelry

Recently I got a request to make a necklace. And this was a bit out of the ordinary.

I got a call from a man who wanted me to make a necklace for his wife's birthday. She was particularly fond of dragonflies so he wanted me to make something with a pair of dragonflies, in some kind of green colours. I got to choose the colours myself, as long as there was green tones in it.

And then he wanted me to write "For evva" in the necklace. That was their own spelling of "for ever".

Isn't this story just sooooo cute?!? What a thoughtful and loving husband.

Nail polish jewellery/jewelry made with the nail polishes Zoya Apple, Misa Like It like that, IsaDora silver sparkles and Models Own Golden green Beetle juice

So this is what I ended up with. A necklace in green, made out of four different nail polishes, IsaDora Silver Sparkles, Zoya Apple, Misa Like It Like That and Models Own Golden Green Beetle Juice.

I hope you like it!

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Biba said...

So sweet!

linneakjellberg said...

Så fint av honom :) Och så begåvad du är! Blev ju hur bra som helst!!

Annika Noir said...

Yes, isn't it?! :-)

Annika Noir said...

Åh tack tack, vad skoj att du tycker det!! :-)

Mona /Lacky Nails said...

Naah gud vad rörd jag blir! Vilken härlig karl! Och vad vackert smycket blev, frun kommer älska det :)

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