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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A gilded dawn

The other day I visited my blogging friend Mona's site and I got sooooo inspired. Recently we swapped a couple of beauties and now she showed a gorgeous manicure with a purple base, topped with China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses. Since I got Ch G Skyscraper in the swap I thought I'd try a similar mani, with Scycraper topped over the golden Zoya Jules.

At first I made a funky french, but it looked ridiculously ugly, so instead I made a gradient by using a sponge. Not as awesome as Mona's mani, but I love it anyway. Up close on these pictures it looks a bit sloppy, but on a bit further distance it looks much smoother.

I can also tell you that the turbulence at work has finally settled, and the great news is that I get too keep my job. So I'm feeling great actually. The joy of nail polish and colors is returning, and with them also the urge for blogging.

So, life is great actually, the sun is returning, light is spreading and my precious little Alfons has now learnt to walk. He says hello to you all: :-)

My little A, really cool in Mama's sunglasses.

Take care you all!!


Biba said...

I like gradient manicures!

He looks cool with the sunglasses :)

Annika - Dragonfly Polish said...

Mee too, it's really an easy way to make a manicure look muc moore elaborate than it really is.

Mona said...

Wooooh vad snyggt det blev!!! Den godingen hör hemma på dina naglar och kombon blev klockren :) :)
Så söt-cool Alfons är :)

Kajalpennan said...

Välkommen tillbaka, hoppas på mer frekvent bloggande framöver. Grattis till jobbet

Annika - Dragonfly Polish said...

Tack, och tack!!! :-)

Annika - Dragonfly Polish said...

Tack, ja det hoppas jag med. Känns superskoj att vara på banan igen! :-)

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